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Enhancing quality and operational efficiency in oncology

Accurate and timely diagnosis is core to setting an effective treatment plan and to achieving desired outcomes. Data accessibility is paramount. While standardized treatment guidelines serve as the backbone to delivering best practice, personalization is essential to tailor the plan to the individual patient.


Our consultants work collaboratively with you to identify opportunities for improvement in your processes and find ways of delivering care in a more coordinated way. We provide strategic guidance and hands-on implementation support for your initiatives so you can focus on making the right diagnosis the first time and optimizing time-to-treatment in a manner that brings comfort to the patient and is satisfying to the staff.

An innovative approach

Using an innovative Design Thinking methodology, we help identify strengths and weaknesses, redesign workflows, adapt processes and work with your team to create a preferred oncology care path.

  • Assessment: Based on data analysis, an assessment of current processes is completed including stakeholder interviews and observations resulting in a gap analysis of key performance measures.
  • Patient experience review: Creation of an insights-based view of the patient journey helps pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • Recommendations: Work teams are established, each focused on a specific process or KPI (workflow, technology, access, data availability, etc.), and recommendations are prioritized to make clinical processes more efficient and patient and staff experience more satisfying. Newly designed processes are validated and fine-tuned as necessary.
  • Implementation: Our consultants assist clients in implementing new processes and embedding them in sustainable change measured and monitored over time.

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Proven results*

Through innovative, collaborative, and patient-focused engagements, Philips has helped clients achieve meaningful and sustainable results in clinical efficiency, coordinated care and patient experience. The consulting practice has supported clients in:


• Restructuring of multidisciplinary tumor board meetings at UMC to increase their efficiency, while reducing the meeting time by 40%.


• Improving the Net Promotor Score at GenesisCare in a step-wise manner to 84%.


• Optimizing clinical processes to formulate treatment pathways that enable clinicians to reduce time to treatment.


* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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